DELMAR BOUTIQUE RESIDENCY is an implementation of your individuality, your possibilities, aspirations and ambitions. It includes all features of a new, charming and happy life.
This well-thought of premium class house embodies all the best and up-to-date features required for dynamic life style.
Splendid location, the top quality construction with natural materials, stylish design of apartments, spacious terraces, two-level garage parking, inside patio. An ideal combination of natural stone and elegant lightness of decorative façade fencing would please any connoisseurs of fine architecture. Only EU standardized ecologically clean materials were used for construction of this boutique building. All residents of DELMAR RESIDENCE receive 5 year warranty on the quality of construction works.
DELMAR RESIDENCE is your trustworthy harbor for happy and comfortable living at the Adriatic Sea coast.
DELMAR BOUTIQUE RESIDENCY comprises 33 units which are 1 or 2 bedroom apartments with built area varying from 39 to 120 m². The house is designed for seven living floors «-1st» up to 5th and a two-level underground parking. Apartments of «-1st» floor have their own patios with green plants. Apartments from 0 to 4th floor have spacious terraces with greenery, and the apartments of the upper floor have spectacular terraces and jacuzzi. There are common premises that can be used by all residents for storage of personal belongings.
The house is equipped with a noiseless speedy elevator (lift) for passengers and for cars. The passenger elevator has a panoramic view of Budva Riviera.
Elevator (lift) facilities connect apartments with the underground parking.
DELMAR Residence façade is decorated with columns that are adding elegancy and luster to it. On the first floor there is a luxurious lobby zone with marble floors and crystal chandeliers, Management Company office and a concierge/security post. The is also a private gym on the «-1st» level. Admission to the upper floor apartments is secured with 24-hour CCTV. Closed private patio with landscape designs is available for the use of the residents.
The concept of this house allows you to accumulate all features of the active life style combined with modern technologies.
While improving the house we purchased the latest Canadian Cooper&Hunter air conditioning systems with WiFi blocks. Now you are able to control the temperature in each of your room through the Internet by switching in or switching out air cons, thus, preparing the apartments for your arrival.
Finishing of DELMAR BOUTIQUE RESIDENCY includes granite, travertine and other kinds of gravels, wood, glass, aluminum and stainless steel. Only natural materials were used.
Ceilings are 3 meter high, panoramic windows are as high as 2.7 meter with thermo-and-sound-proofing. Designer doors are as high as 2.3 meter. The floors of apartments, terraces and patio, the walls of bathrooms and toilets are tiled with high quality Italian ceramic granite. Bathroom floors are electrically heated.
All the apartments have independent inverter multi-split LG systems. The outer blocks are installed on special technical terrace platforms and therefore do not create any noise in the apartments. Hot water supply is provided by autonomous electric «Ariston» (Italy) water heaters.
The house is equipped with «Schindler» (Switzerland) noiseless elevators (lifts) for passengers and for cars.
The sprinkler automatic fire-fighting system is mounted on the parking levels; all resedential floors are equipped with anti-fire hydrants.
All the apartments are connected to digital TV and high-speed Internet through the system of Wi-Fi routers.
Several options of finishing are offered to residents including parquet floors, ceramics, natural stone, various modern household appliances, comfortable built-in furniture, armor-plated doors, connection to fire and guard alarm signal systems and a lot more. Upon residents’ wish apartments can be fully equipped with necessary facilities.
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