About the company

The development company MGInovation brought together the best specialists from Europe, Serbia and Montenegro to present you two of their masterpieces - DELMAR RESIDENCE and VILLA DELMAR. Our engineers and architects with years of experience in Central and Eastern Europe used all their professional experience, knowledge of local features and technological know-how.

Boutique apartments at DELMAR RESIDENCE are ideal combination of modern architecture, contemporary design and comfort, which makes them the best choice for admirers of active lifestyle. And for those who value exclusivity in its essence we can offer you our second luxury project – VILLA DEL MAR with the bespoke view of St. Stephan island.

MGInovation management is clearly focused on the quality of service and customer satisfaction. The founders of the company have traveled all over the world and know exactly what the highest level of service is. The company's goal today is to create a comfortable living space that meets all international standards and guarantees tenants comfort in everything.

Furthermore, in the search for best solutions for its residents, MGInovation has arranged an onsite Management Company. Not only it will make sure that everything is under control and all household issues can be managed on site, it will also provide you with additional services tailored specifically for your requests.

About the project


Home with the latest technology




Lifestyle and Infrastructure


About the project

Have you ever thought that you will be able to find a home that will exceed your expectations? A place that combines comfort, individuality and all your ambitions? Did DELMAR RESIDENCE club house especially for you this is possible.

This project includes all the features of modern, cozy and comfortable housing, which is so suitable for people leading an active lifestyle. At the same time, it can give you a sense of serenity and even become your personal an oasis in the heart of a busy city.

Good location, modern architecture, stylish apartment design, spacious terraces, patio, underground parking and modern infrastructure - all this makes DELMAR RESIDENCE one of the best properties in this area of ​​Budva.

The ideal combination of natural stone with exquisite lightness of decorative fencing of facades will appeal to the most delicate connoisseurs of architecture. And for the construction only environmentally friendly materials that meet high European standards were used.

All owners of DELMAR RESIDENCE apartments receive construction quality guarantees for a period of 5 years.

DELMAR RESIDENCE is the best choice for a happy and comfortable life on the Adriatic coast.

Home with the latest technology

DELMAR RESIDENCE is a 7-storey club house with a wide range of services and equipped with modern technologies, and elegant facades with columns give the house additional refinement. Interior decoration is made only with natural materials such as granite, travertine and wood .

At the entrance you are greeted by a luxurious lobby with marble floors, crystal chandeliers and concierge services. A modern elevator with panoramic views of the Budva Riviera takes you directly to the apartment. For your convenience, there is a two-level underground parking, which is also accessible can be reached using Schindler noiseless passenger and car lifts.

Each apartment was carefully designed and equipped with the latest technology. All of them have inverter multi-split air-conditioning systems and autonomous electric water heaters. The apartments are equipped with digital television and high-speed wireless Internet. For your comfort, we Equipped the premises with air conditioning systems of the Canadian company Cooper & Hunter with WiFi blocks. Thus, you can remotely control the temperature and prepare the apartments in advance for your arrival.

DELMAR RESIDENCE also offers a private gym, a fenced patio with landscaping, spacious public areas that can also be used for storage, and of course, day-and-night video surveillance system.


DELMAR RESIDENCE is located in the elite Becici district, which is truly the brightest and most notable part of modern Budva. Here you can enjoy inspiring landscapes, architectural sights and of course luxurious beaches with unsurpassed service provided by a number of five-star hotels .

Becici and Budva are connected by a modern pedestrian tunnel, which is an architectural solution of the Iberostar hotel. A short walk along the beach that takes you to the very center of the city can serve as an alternative. There you can enjoy the beauty of the medieval fortress and the Old Town or have a cup of coffee in one of the coastal cafes where local bohemians like to gather.

Our exclusive residential complex is located in the central and most prestigious area - Boretti, just a few minutes walk from the beach, shops and expensive hotels with a wide range of services.

Lifestyle and Infrastructure

The residents of Becici enjoy sunny weather for more than 200 days a year, and local beaches offer the most extensive range of services and entertainment for the most demanding taste. Fans of beach holidays and romantic sunsets will be pleasantly surprised by the serenity of Mogren beach, athletes - to take rent or moor the boat in the harbor of Dukley, and your children will love to spend time in the water park Budva.

Supporters of an active lifestyle can take advantage of the facilities and services of five-star hotels located nearby with modern shady courts and spa centers. And in the evening, you will find a variety of restaurants, casinos and night clubs.

For those who are interested in history and architecture, the Orthodox Church of Thomas the Apostle is located nearby, surrounded by eucalyptus trees. Next to it is also a source of healing water.

Investments in Real Estate

Purchasing property in Montenegro today is one of the most popular and economically feasible investments. You are getting not only an ideal vocational home, but also a liquid asset in a European country. Montenegro is constantly receiving support from UNESCO in order to preserve its magnificent and untouched nature in the contrary to the global growing urbanization trends. Therefore, you can be sure to come back to the same landscapes and that your asset will be only growing in its value. Furthermore, such an investment even provides you with a right to get a residence permit in Montenegro.

Those interested in additional incomes and faster investment returns can benefit from growing touristic demand. Over a million of tourists visit Montenegro each year, which dramatically increases the request for short term overnight stays. Thus, you can rent out your place while you are away and get additional profits on it. Apartments in DELMAR RESIDENCE are perfectly designed for it, and our company would be happy to help you with the management issues as well.

In addition to the annual income, you get liquid real estate in a European country, with a growing real estate market and the right to receive a residence permit in Montenegro.

Purchase apartments in DELMAR RESIDENCE and get profit from your investments!

Montenegro, Becici,
17 Aleksa Santika

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