Elegant, practical, lavish and romantic at the same time

VILLA DELMAR found itself on the edge of an old pine zone, where the rocks rise above perhaps the most famous landmark of Montenegro: the island of Sveti Stefan (Sveti Stefan). From all levels of VILLA DELMAR you can admire the magical view of Sveti Stefan, Budva and its bay, as well as the Budva Riviera. The combination of such special views and pedestrian accessibility to the sea coast, the old town and the Budva-Bar highway makes this place a unique offer for Montenegro.

This is a three-level villa, which spreads over almost 1000 square meters. In addition to almost 660 square meters of living space for your comfort and convenience there is a spacious patio with a fountain, swimming pool with recreation area, vine room, technical premises and garage parking. The villa is located on the slope so that its two upper levels face the access road, and all three levels recede from the cliff and the sea in the direction of St. Stephen. Furthermore, a uniquely designed flat roof can be also used for sun bathing or even handling a summer cocktail party.

On arrival you are welcomed by an exclusive extended size front door and a vast entrance hall with carefully designed staircases and corridors leading you to upper levels, facilities and entertainment rooms. The villa has five in-suite bedrooms with walk-in wardrobes while the master bedroom also includes a separate boudoir area and features a personal fireplace. For your convenience there is an inside elevator that takes you to all levels. Furthermore, VILLA DELMAR also offers you a unique winter garden with retractable roof.

Only top quality materials and latest technologies were used for construction of VILLA DELMAR. Its facades are made from natural Montenegrin and Croatian stone of various processing, panoramic 3-meter high windows are double-glazed with energy-saving glass. Inside finishing include hardwood parquet floors, Italian ceramic granite and mosaic tiles, natural marble. Recreational zone features Spanish mosaic in the hammam area and at the bottom of the swimming pool. The inside noiseless elevator has panoramic glass doors and high carrying capacity. Villa is equipped with acoustic wiring, Wi-Fi routers, security surveillance cameras and latest alarm system.

Upon your request, our designer team will arrange for you a full set of customized entertainment equipment and appliances, pick furniture and decorations, which will ideally suit your taste and assist you in making VILLA DELMAR your dream house.


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